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A thought: Everyone is afraid of something. The rational mind can tell us simply to not be afraid. The application of that idea, however, is somewhat more difficult. And that, folks, is the great divide between intellect and emotion. I've given this some thought recently. About how fear has the ability to work on emotions and keep people from doing the things that they want to do. Don't you feel it's the same with writing? Some never submit anything for fear of rejection? Some say they "can't" do something because the one time they tried they failed? I'm not saying that you need to be a superhero, because, to paraphrase, "being brave isn't the absence of fear, it means trying in spite of the fear."

Laurie Sheehan, CCW President

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October 17, 2017: Booktoberfest! 

Our annual October "Booktoberfest" is an evening filled with members sharing excerpts from their published works through five-minute readings. Watch for particulars and sign-up details.

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Attention CCW members: It's time now to renew your CCW membership so that we can continue to bring in the high-quality authors that we learn so much from. Renewal dues are $45, less than $5 for each incredible presentation. Go to "Membership" for payment options.

Upcoming Programs

November 21, 2017: Donia Bijan 
Political Turmoil: Backdrop to a Novel

Donia Bijan uses history as a backdrop for the people she's interested in writing about. Her memoir, Maman's Homesick Pie, was published in 2011, followed by her debut novel, The Last Days of Café Leila, in 2017. Her work chronicles families ripped apart by political upheaval; she explores both those forced to leave their countries and those who stayed behind. 

Bijan will talk about the challenges of writing without what she calls "the expatriate's self-indulgent nostalgia and reliance on pickled memories of the homeland." She left her native Iran in 1978 during the Islamic Revolution. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she attended the Cordon Bleu in Paris, then ran her acclaimed restaurant L'Amie Donia, in Palo Alto, for ten years. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and their son.


December: Members & Guests Holiday Party. There is no general meeting in December.



January 16, 2018: Amy Ettinger 
Making the Most of a Personal Obsession

Amy Ettinger spent a year traveling across the country eating ice cream and talking to the people who make it for her book Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America. She'll discuss how a personal obsession can have universal appeal for readers and how she channeled her lifelong love of ice cream into a larger narrative.  She'll talk about the importance of finding characters in non-fiction, incorporating interviews with memoir and how to merge fun and fact into an absorbing read. She'll also answer questions about publishing a non-fiction book, from finding the right agent to crafting a booknon-fiction book proposal that sells.

The Wall Street Journal hailed Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America as "a surprisingly serious, impressively thorough treatment of ice cream's cultural significance, fabrication, economics and history, not to mention its effect on human brain chemistry." Sweet Spot has been featured in Time magazine,  Bustle, Parade, and on National Public Radio's All Things Considered, Here and Now, Marketplace, as well as the California Report. Her work has been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, and the Huffington Post. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.











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